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Craig Patterson


Phone: 719.221.4893

    Our Mission & Objective

    The Upper Chesapeake Wrestling League (UCWL) is -

    • An organization that works to foster an atmosphere where each youth can reach their fullest potential as a wrestler by administrating age appropriate competitions in a safe environment
    • Provide opportunities for individual wrestling clubs and organizations to meet in a competitive situation to various skill levels and age groups
    • Develop a high caliber of sportsmanship
    • Encourage individual clubs or organizations to improve wrestling instruction and to develop the character of each wrestler to the fullest potential through participation in the sport
    • Improve the caliber of wrestling in the Upper Chesapeake Region
    • Prepare young wrestlers for high school and college wrestling

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    UCWL News

    Change in start time for North Baltimore 12/17/2016

    By Craig Patterson 12/16/2016, 12:45pm EST

    Inclement weather causes start times to change for North Baltimore Multi-Team Meet

    North Baltimore has  changed the weigh-in and start times for the Elementary Division. The Middle School Division has not had a change to their weigh-in or start times. North Baltimore has been allowed to use both gyms for their Multi-Team Event so both the Elementary and Middle School Divisions will be competing at the same time.

    Weigh-Ins will occur from 11:00 - 11:45 and wrestling will start as soon as possible.

    Parent Meeting & First Practice

    By Craig Patterson 11/07/2016, 5:15pm EST

    The first practice of the 2016-2017 season will be....

    We will be holding our parent meeting on Monday, Nov. 14th at 6:00 pm in the hall outside of the wrestling room. Following the parent meeting, our first practice will be held in the wrestling room.

    UCWL Alumni Wrestlers Ranked by MSWA

    By Craig Patterson 12/09/2016, 8:30am EST

    Have you seen the latest rankings by the MSWA?

    In the latest rankings compiled by Billy Buckheit for the Maryland State Wrestling Association, the UCWL has 17 Alumni that are ranked in the Top 20! 

    Test your knowledge to see if you can remember all of them by going to the post on the MSWA Forum page.

    Click here